harvard“Those women that had homes in areas with the highest level of greenness in the surrounding 250 meters (roughly 820 feet, or a little over 1/10 of a mile) had a 12% lower rate of death compared to the women whose homes had the lowest level of greenness. Specifically, there was a 13% lower rate for cancer mortality, 35% lower respiratory disease-related mortality, and 41% lower rate for kidney disease mortality in the women living in the areas with the highest levels of green vegetation.”#EnvironmentalHealth More here on longevity.


Let me tell you why this bathroom “changed the game.” Because the person who wanted a surround sound tile experience failed to realize the time and effort required to clean 3,000,000 miles of grout with a small toothbrush. Might as well restore the Sistine Chapel’s ceiling while you are at it. It’s a beautiful bathroom, don’t get me wrong, but if you’re a perfectionist it will drive you slowly insane. Especially if you have small children who’ve got hands coated in paint. I know. Thanks to watching an episode with designer Sarah Richardson I was sucked in too! And you’re going to have to hire an expert to install because one honeycomb tile off and someone will notice it. Someone like me. And I will point it out. 🙂 Recommendation: Go subway tiles instead. #KISSDesignPrinciple #LeaveItToBeevers


Lucky me! I drove past the home of Artist Kevin Roth! My heart bloomed when I saw that Strawberry. I screamed, “We have to stop and I have to go inside!!” And so we did! Walking into those sculptures was an experience. Fire burning stove. Scented candles. Books. Tapped my inner child completely. And Kevin was such a delight to talk to and learn from. Read more about him here. Brilliant brilliant man! #SanJuanIsland #KevinRothArtist #IAmStrawberryShortcake


20170318_145452 copyAmazing trip. Art. Great people. Epic landscape. Reminds me of Lunenburg, Nova Scotia. Gingerbread houses. Rugged coastline. Quaint town with soul. #SanJuan #YoungHill #MitchellHill #MtFinlayson #GriffinsBay #JaklesLagoon #ThirdLagoon20170318_163245 copy20170318_134333 copy20170317_144843 copy 2