Where are you investing your time, energy, and attention? Are you fully focused on what is important to you or constantly interrupted by the ping and ding?

I encourage you this year TO BE PRESENT. I’m defining this as dedicating yourself completely to what you are engaged in. Commit to the activity. When you cook, cook! When you drive, focus on the road! When you are having coffee with friends, give them your undivided attention.

Put a leash on that cell and create the boundaries necessary to better connect with yourself and those around you. Please.

The Attention Economy – How They Addict Us.
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I’m not gonna dance for you
I know that you want me to
Better to dance alone
Than to dance with a ghost
I’m not gonna dance for you
Not like I used to.

Phase entanglement: “The entanglement of two interacting physical systems means that once the entangling interaction has occurred, the systems, even after eventual separation, can no longer be described as before, that is, as strictly separately independent states.” ~ Salvator Cannavo from Quantum Theory: A Philosopher’s Overview (2009)



Bauhaus Curriculum Wheel. Walter Gropius. 1922.

“To the Bauhaus, design was an applied form of art, an approach that I believe to be fundamentally wrong. It is what creates a misleading impression that designers make beautiful objects. Design is a way of thinking, about addressing the fundamental needs of people and society. It can be applied to all aspects of human and societal life. Some things that we design do not have a physical structure: art, materials, form have little or no relevance. When the things that we design are tangible or visible, then yes, form matters. However, even here, I would place form second to utility: designers make things for people to use. They must be understandable, usable, emotionally delightful. For me, appearance Is extremely important, but secondary to utility. The great designers know how to make delightful, beautiful objects that are also functional, understandable, usable. That is what 21st century design should be. That is what it must be in this age of ever-more complex technology that, without the aid of designers, would be unintelligible, frustrating and a danger to society.”
~ Don Norman