Author: Jacqueline Ashby

Exploring the intersection between person and place.




“And I’m not saying love will make you happy—above all, I’m not saying that. If anything I tend to believe that it will make you unhappy; either immediately unhappy, as you are impaled by incompatibility; or unhappy later, when the woodworm has quietly been gnawing away for years and the bishop’s throne collapses. But you can believe this and still insist that love is our only hope.”

Julian Barnes, A History of the World in 10-1/2 Chapters

(Best line of that piece…”impaled by incompatibility…” Such a visual! Definite mark of an Englishman. They leave nothing to interpretation. Bahahaha!)


“Couldn’t Give It Away.” Artist: Jack

Celebrating Bob Ross this weekend! Ha! He made it look so easy. Thank you Elise for spending the time teaching me all your skills and sharing your art work. I never thought that painting clouds would be the bane of my existence but you demonstrated great patience with me and I appreciate it! #ThisAintNoPaintByNumbahs


@stephenhui and I climbing Saltspring. (2016)

Do you know when a moment becomes a memory? When you say to yourself that I have to capture and hold on to this single second with my heart? I’ve been so incredibly fortunate to have shared some of the most memorable moments with the man photographed above.

He’s in the final throes of completing his new BC hiking book! So proud of you Stephen. So unbelievably proud. You can do it! Two more weeks! I’ll keep you all updated when it’s published!