Ice climbing Ultraviolet. Squamish, BC. Photo credit: Martin Zachara.

I’m a researcher, educator and outdoor enthusiast. I scramble up mountains, surf the seas, and spend time down a rabbit hole studying the relationship between students and their learning environment. An international speaker on campus ecology and environmental design, I develop and deliver workshops and presentations on designing environments for creativity and innovation, ecological planning, educational sustainability, student engagement, and student success.

photo 1-2

Designing Innovation: Hubs, Labs, and Maker Spaces. Presentation given at Society for College and University Planning (Portland, 2015).

My current interests include studying the natural environment’s role in human health and vitality and exploring the methods used to help inform the design of makerspaces.

Need to reach me? I’m frequently found herehere, and aimlessly walking around here. If you yell “Hey Cecil Thistlethwaite!” at me, you’ll get a smile.

Contact ✉ jacquelineashby@protonmail.com
Connect on LinkedIn or Twitter.

surfing_sup_jackie copy

North Chesterman Beach, Tofino. Surf/SUP session.


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