Understanding our points of annoyance! As he says, these small points are just part of a larger fabric and it’s our responsibility to investigate what the real issues are. It’s in that exploration that we learn about our own emotional lives and the worries and fears that surface in our partnerships with others. This applies to all relationships.


Skateboarding and climbing are sports where you assume that you will probably fail more than you will succeed–at least in the beginning. And if you’re really ambitious, that failure rate will become a constant because you’ll want to push yourself to skate faster and climb higher. I must have flown off my board 3-4 times this weekend. Each instance though I learned how to ride with greater confidence and I learned how to fall without injury. In Education, we tend to want to teach to success and rarely discuss failure. There’s so much to be learned in that space of losing control, flying off the board, and determining how to position your body to hit the pavement. It’s that lesson that helps one get back up, reassess, and ride again.


Government has a responsibility to separate fact from fiction and to support the education of its citizens. And as active and engaged citizens, we need to be more vigilant about the information we consume and disseminate. Our thoughts shape who we are individually and collectively. #ClintWatts