perry.jpeg“While we now know that the brain’s decision-making areas aren’t completely wired until at least their early twenties, it is experience-making decisions that wires them, and it can’t be done without taking some risks.  We need to allow children to try and fail. And when they do make the stupid, shortsighted decisions that come from inexperience, we need to let them suffer the results.  At the same time we also need to provide balance by not setting policies that will magnify one mistake, like drug use or fighting, into a life-derailing catastrophe.  Unfortunately, this is exactly what our current ‘zero tolerance’ policies—that expel children from school for just one rule violation—do.” ~ Dr. Bruce Perry



First, I should apologize to my mates because I contracted a serious case of the giggles during our class tonight (it was over 3 hours ). As a result, we had to stay late (30 minutes late) to finish our paintings :). And they look nothing like Leonid’s stunner but I think it can go on a wall. Just not mine. What do you think of this one dad ;)?


SteveOrsiniCongratulations to my best friend (for over 30 years!), Steve Orsini, for recently completing an ultra-triathlon! What is an ultra-triathlon? Simply, it’s an event restricted to the Gods & Goddesses. He swam the length of 7 seas, biked around the world, and ran to the moon and back. And it only took him 58 hours (including 1 hour of sleep)! Amazing and so proud of you!