A big thank you to HOK Vice President Daniel Niewoehner for sending me HOK’s recent innovation! The Academic Workplace cards are fantastic. They’re an informal tool to initiate conversations around emerging topics in environmental psychology and design. I’m particularly fond of lenses, failing upward, embrace wellness, and re-imagine entitlements. Would love to work with HOK one day! #OnMyBreakfastTable #HOK #AcademicWorkplace


“The thing I began to notice was not the fear of an ‘F’, it was the fear of any mistake,” she said. “It’s not that students couldn’t get to a final draft, they couldn’t get even their ideas down. From a teacher’s point of view, that’s a nightmare! If they can’t take a risk, then certainly they aren’t raising their hand with an I-wanna-try-this-idea-out kind of thing.” ~ Jessica Lahey (Author of The Gift of Failure). Read more here.

We need to commit, as a community, to writing for the masses. Our work needs to be accessible to the public so that they can make informed decisions about their health. For starts, simplify your wording, spell out your acronyms, explain the jargon, and use visuals. And if possible, make it interesting!